my sweet love 14 newborn baby doll with accessories

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(88 Likes) Do you have any good suggestions about the use and care of sex dolls?

Answers to frequently asked questions One: How many times do you need to wash black clothes for a real doll and how long can it stay unpainted? You can also use a separate staining test. Generally, it will not be dyed when water has no color. However, the washing powder of a new clothes to be soaked has no color, it can not be done after washing 5-6 times. Two: Will the white cloth dye the real baby? The white ones will not be dyed, the colored ones will be dyed and usually the colored hugs will warm when painted on the body. Three: Is it easy to paint solid dolls? It’s mostly clothing. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they are usually not dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear an anti-stain lining or light-colored clothing. Four: About solid dolls, the problem of dyeing dark clothes? Generally, don’t wear dark clothes for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter if the entity doll is naked. It is better to prepare white underwear. Five: Do you have to worry about this problem if you wear a bottom shirt? Can the clothes be worn for a long time? In addition, if the clothes do not fade when washed, they will not be dyed, can they be worn all the time, even if they are dark? If it fades, will it be dyed? The general insurance point is to buy the clothes and wipe it with a warm white damp cloth, as long as there is some color, it should be washed and then worn, or it can not be worn for a long time. If you can wear the bottom garment, it’s okay if you can cover the baby’s whole body in the future~ Be careful, dyeing is very painful… Don’t wear it all the time, 14 newborn dolls with my sweet love accessories Even if it does not fade, do not be afraid of 10,000, just in case, especially the knees and farts are the most easily stained places. Six: How to care for wigs? You can use shampoo and apply some conditioner to make it softer. Seven: How to eat dust? Is it over? Drop straight? Eight: What is the right to buy cosmetics? live-action. Everything is fine, the requirements are not so great. Nine: Does a real baby produce oil? What material is not available? It will be oily. The degree is different. Diligent powdering is just a habit. Ten: Do you often change your stance? All right, sit back and forth, lie down, change your posture and watch your butt deform. Eleven: How can I prevent my butt from deforming if I can’t change my posture on the sofa? Get a pillow. Try the hips. Twelve: Can I pack a suitcase? It is best not to let the baby curl up for a long time. Thirteen: Will water enter the physical baby? No, don’t worry about water ingress as they are made of solid silica gel; but be careful not to inject water into your neck. For now they are all metal skeletons, you know when metals meet water. 14: How do I move my physical baby? It is best to put the physical baby in a wheelchair to move, which can prevent injury or falling. Of course, you can also take or carry the back, but be especially careful not to scratch the baby. You can use some aids or pillows to correct the posture while doing things with the baby. When pulling the joint, it is best to use both hands to fix the two ends of the involved joint, and then move, move slowly, never bend the joint unusually. Also, be careful not to pull the baby violently to avoid joint damage. Fifteen: Will the real doll be dyed while wearing a wig? The quality of wigs purchased directly from normal entity doll manufacturers or purchased with dolls is usually guaranteed and not dyed. Be careful when buying from outside. Sixteen: How often do you put the powder in the box? Physical babies are best powdered once a month, if there is too much oil they will stick together and will be troublesome. Seventeen: How to wash the real doll’s hair, remove it and soak it in water, or buy a ball and hang the hair to wash? Was it dried after washing or blow dried? Take out the real baby’s hair, rub it in water with some shampoo, rub it left and right, and don’t circle. Then rinse the foam with clean water, then soak it in a mixture of water and conditioner or conditioner for half an hour and remove. Let it dry, you can blow it if you want, but it’s semi-dry. Basically no problem. Eighteen: Solid doll abrasive after removing the colored paste? The decolorizing paste will be a little abrasive for the baby, so it is easy to use, and the painting is serious and cannot be corrected. Nineteen: Does decolorizing cream have any effect for the large area of ​​the buttocks of solid dolls? To what extent can it be restored? May be effective, usually intact. Twenty: How long can the physical doll be better preserved? Normally about 3-5 years. Twenty-one: Can a physical doll be stressed in one place for a long time? Is sitting for a long time harmful? Do not stay in the posture for a long time, can change the posture for three days or five days, lie on the left and right side, lie down, etc. 22: How to deal with the indentation of the solid doll? Twenty-three: Solid doll is lightly soiled or dusty. How should olive oil be wiped? Do not apply directly, then wash? First rub with olive oil, then wash with clean water and whisk with talcum powder. 24: Is olive oil just cooking olive oil? Olive oil is generally used in skin care. Twenty-Five: How to clear with Fu Yan Jie? Mix it with water, then absorb it with the special washer equipped with the real doll and spray inside. 26: Can the asset doll stand? The solid doll with three screws at the bottom of the doll can stand. Twenty-seven: what should I do if the body doll’s ankle is too bent, the skin is wrinkled? The doll is made of soft TPE material, and wrinkles or indentations will appear on the doll part after unnatural bending or pressure for a long time. This is normal and will fix automatically after waiting for a while (hot water soaking, Healing Time can be shortened by using a hot towel). 28: Can a healthy baby’s back be bent? How to pose? The sturdy 125 cm doll has a waist joint (it can lean forward, not backward, and turn left and right). The new solid baby’s joint will be tight and will be fine for a while. How to use the waist: Press and hold the shoulders on both sides to rotate; reach for the body doll, press the belly

(16 Likes) How did you feel when your child came out as transgender, especially if they moved to college? Did you accept them?

it go forward. He came to a few close friends and then to us. I consider myself very open and friendly with the LGBTQ community and I am not transphobic. But going from being non-transphobic to being a parent to a trans child is something quite different. I won’t lie, the first moment was a bit of a shock. I felt like I was losing my son – the child I had raised and loved from the bottom of my heart – (I didn’t tell him that). Instead, I told him that I loved him, that I would be there for him, and that I would help him in any way possible. Then we hugged and cried. It must have been very difficult to uncover, and I think she was so relieved that that secret was finally revealed. For the first few days, I had a really hard time referring to him as ‘it’. For the first couple of days, I couldn’t even say ‘he’ or the name he chose without a moment’s hesitation. It felt so wrong to suddenly say something different to the same person. I’m still trying to get used to it. As a parent, I am saddened that she will have to face difficulties and challenges because she is trans. Also, I feel guilty every time I say, ‘I’m so happy I have two sons’ or ‘I hate glitter, it makes so much confusion – I’m so glad I never had to deal with it. A lot of little things said without thinking must have upset my little girl. I also realized that I don’t really understand well what transgender is and what it means to be transgender. The first few days are all about physical modification of the body through hormone therapy or surgery, how dating works when transgender, bathroom and locker room issues, etc. I spent my time doing research on transgender issues like Everything I don’t have. too much thought in the past. Thanks Quora for providing most of the answers. We are now in a new phase that I thoroughly enjoy. We go clothes shopping together. I teach her how to paint her nails and use makeup. I learned how to braid her hair by watching YouTube videos. Currently, he still looks like a long-haired kid. He’s still a boy at school and at home while his friends are here. Sometimes I forget to call him by his new name and he always corrects me. Her plan is to start high school as a girl. I’ll help him navigate the transition. I will be his lawyer whenever he needs it. I’m taking her to the LGBTQ center to meet other people on the same journey, I’ll make sure she’s a good LGBTQ friendly doctor. I’ll always be by your side, but he’s in the driver’s seat and makes all the decisions about his journey to Cheap Sex Dolls. Our relationship has deepened somehow. We’ve always had a good and loving relationship, but there’s been some distance since she hit puberty about a year ago. This distance no longer exists. It feels like I’ll finally be able to see the whole person again. My son and husband were also very good at it. My older son immediately offered to be his protector if anything happened.

(71 Likes) What is considered normal when a child plays with dolls? I’m babysitting a 10-year-old girl and she’s pretending to have sex with her dolls. Is this normal? If not, should I intervene?

Although this fact bothers me, I was having sex at that age. I have never been harassed, nor have I been emotionally disturbed. However, I was exposed to pornographic images in magazines at relatives’ homes (which I only saw because I was spying on places I shouldn’t have seen), and several times I saw my aunt’s neighbors make pornographic films from her bedroom window. I imitated what I saw in babies and had a pretty good idea of ​​what was going on. If a child that age isn’t very protected from social media, television, and other highly sexually influential sources, it can be a big leap to assume that he/she is/knows about sexual abuse or that there is definitely a problem. The girl may be copying what she sees and is “normal”. The possibility of such bad things happening (sexual abuse or abnormal behavior in itself) is not worth ignoring. However, you should not make assumptions or accusations. False accusations can ruin lives for both the wrongfully accused and the alleged victim. The consequences of planting ideas in a child’s head of things (which do not actually happen) can be life-long and equally devastating for child Sex Dolls if they have actually happened. Therefore, you must be very careful not to “see” things that may not be there. W 14 newborn dolls with my sweet love accessories Catch him or her for this kind of thing without even hinting at it, and if the child is truly offended or abused, you’ll see more obvious signs and possibly even confessions. Bet

(68 Likes) Where can I find sex dolls online? How can I buy it for me?

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(91 Likes) Love dolls look like real women, so what’s the solution to the philosophical problem TV Tropes calls “how measured is a man”?

One of the legs was sticky and it made their clothes hard so they changed the material but making the joints in the toys make the toys more expensive and they probably wanted to keep the price roughly after Anime Sex Doll e. cha